This page describes the items that may further complete any accommodation setup, and provides some more insight on the technical benefits that Holland Accommodation Rentals' modules offer you.

    Lifting and stacking

    Certified lifting eyes and connection pots are integrated in the module.
    The modules are connected with a male-female connection, which significantly reduces the workload during the (de)mobilization. 
    The weight of the modules varies from 68 to 84 tons.

    Service connections

    Weather protected service connections are conveniently located in one hook-up recess inside the module. When stacked, this recess provides the possibility to combine supply and discharge lines to the modules, reducing mobilization time and the number of connections to the ship.

    Containerized sewage plant

    Other than its regular modules, Holland Accommodation Rentals also offers containerized sewage treatment plants, that also contains boilers and a water pressure set. 

    Stairs and walkways

    Also provided with the modules are the modular external stairs and walkways. As the configuration of these vary per different setup, this setup will be assessed per separate case.