Installation, hook-up & commissioning

Installation, hook-up & commissioning

Mobilisation, installation, hook-up and commissioning works are initially excluded and Holland Accommodation Rentals can quote these works separately. As the location, scope of work, footprint availability, hook-up materials and labour can vary considerably,we would prefer to conduct a vessel survey, otherwise no fixed price estimate can be given beforehand. 


The modules can easily be shipped to various places all over the world. From the yard, the modules are generally shipped to the Port of Rotterdam, Antwerp or Amsterdam. As barges are in no short supply in this area, shipment can be done anytime. If the modules are required elsewhere on the world, Holland Accommodation Rentals can provide assistance in arranging transport to your desired location.

It is the philosophy of Holland Accommodation Rentals to build a global footprint, which  would reduce transportation time, costs and increase availability in the future.


Lifting operations require crane capacity sufficient to handle the weight of the modules. The accommodation module and restaurant module weigh 75 tons, the facility module weighs 70 tons and both the technical and the technical / facility modules weigh 85 tons with empty tanks. 

Hook-up and commissioning

Generally two scopes can be identified in the hook-up phase; the linking between the modules, and the linking to the ship system. The width of either of these two scopes varies depending on the number of modules and the level of integratedness of the setup. The more integrated the setup is, the narrower the scope will be on the side of linking to the ship system. On the other hand, if, for example,  only two accommodation modules are placed, virtually no scope exists for hooking up between the modules. 

Example case

Let's assume a case where 40 persons are accommodated only in two accommodation modules, and a case where an integrated setup is used, where also a restaurant module is provided and a technical / facility module. 

In the first case the following connections to the vessel are required, as well as the following capacities: 

  • Electrical power / emergency power (approx. 50 kW)
  • Fresh water making capacity (8 m3 / day)
  • Hot / cold water supply
  • GA/PA input
  • Data / Telephone input
  • Grey / black water (separate)
  • Sewage treatment (approx. 8 m3 / day)
  • Alarm panel
  • Telephone pane
  • Smoke detection
  • In the second case, the following is required:
  • Fuel filling
  • Seawater filling
  • Treated sewage overboard discharge / store (after 5 days)
  • Telephone link to on-board panel (optional)
  • Alarm link to on-board panel (optional)

This already shows the ease of the system, but still the  additional  systems / facilities that the integrated setup haven't been mentioned;

  • Restaurant
  • Galley
  • Stores
  • Changing room
  • Laundry
  • Control room

And this is just one example! 

Spares and field support

If required, Holland Accommodation Rentals can provide additional spares or technical support in the form of a module engineer, to maintain the systems.